Nuestras piezas más simbólicas, tanto Clotilde como Bruna o Keira te acompañará toda la vida, formando parte de tus recuerdos.Además, será una clave para tus looks, diseñadas para poder ser muy versátiles: desde vaqueros y zapatillas hasta un vestido de noche, una pieza que te pondrás tanto ahora como dentro de 10 años.No hay que tener tantas prendas, si no las justas que te apasionen desde el primer día que las tienes..


Clotilde, has a lot of identity, is fun and stylish at the same time, doesn’t go unnoticed and fits any look.

Its fit is stylish and very comfortable, for day to day as well as for an evening event.

The Clotilde jacket is one of our musts without a doubt, each one has a unique value that will make you feel special every time you wear it, it is one of those forever garments


The Keira waistcoat reminds us of Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean, a character we certainly love. Keira is the ideal garment for both summer and winter, with a turtleneck, cotton shirts or a basic white one underneath, even without anything for a more risky look.

Its side strips make it adjustable to many looks and figures. Keira is versatile and unique, and is meant to be your masterpiece in many of your memories.


Bruna, a basic with two different styles, a comfortable shape that can be adapted to an infinite number of looks.

The Bruna waistcoat is one of those garments that never goes out of fashion, with a fabric that makes each one unique.

It is elegant and clean, both for a summer night and a common day in winter. All our garments are designed for many situations, as we believe in forever pieces, in the less is more, an essential way to reach a sustainable fashion.