“I believe in the exclusiveness given by the smallest details transferred through craftsmanship, with which, thanks to the use of the loom, I learned that manual work gives rise to error and it is that error that marks the idea you were looking for at first”.

Ana Baudessón

Our Story

Baudesson is more than a brand, it is a project born from the experimentation and passion for fashion. We believe in garments that can last a lifetime, that acquire a special value during that time and that can be inherited in the future.

After all, fashion is part of our lives: a detail, a story, a landscape, this is what inspires us and leads us to tell these stories through our looms, in order to transmit it to these garments to which we dedicate so much time and passion.

In fact, we support business and fashion in Spain, since all its production is carried out locally, giving value to all the talent and creativity that this country has.

Our purpose is to re-live the emotion of fashion, to establish a link with our customers, to make them feel something different when they wear our clothes: to make them feel unique.

Baudesson believes in long-lasting fashion, in well-made things, with a process behind it that is valued and enjoyed afterwards by its buyers, the ones that inspire this brand.