Unique Pieces with a Story


At Baudesson we believe in long-lasting fashion, with great stories and processes behind it, creating our own fabrics that are born on looms. This way we design each garment from the beginning: the way the thread runs, its textures and colours.

Verano en el norte

Inspired by one of our favorite stages of the year!
The north of Spain, its corners, sunsets, towns, nature…
The moment of packing a suitcase and wearing both sweaters and linen shirts describes this concept perfectly, creating timeless garments that serve for ALL seasons and places, as in the north…

You never know what you’re going to need!!!

This is Woodstock

“3 days of peace and music.”
A new collection inspired by the festival that marked
an era, the 7O´s, an absolute crush that we cannot avoid.
Woodstock is escape, music, color and happiness after a bad moment.
It is also a return to crafts, to the connection with nature, to the “do it yourself”.
This collection is an explosion of color, movement, joy and endless textures.
Any of these pieces will completely change any look.

Clotilde is trip with friends.

A getaway to Biarritz in a Van.

A vermouth plan on a Sunday in Madrid.

A picnic with Champagne.

A meal that ends in an unforgettable night.

About Baudesson

Baudesson is born from an individual project that looks for the way to tell everything that defines us, focusing on unique fabrics, designed and manipulated in a meticulous way in Spain. Get to know our history.